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Ted Brown from VA.: I have been a fan and a consumer of Black and Blue products August of 1997. I have ordered several tournament related videos from you both through the mail and from your vending tables at tournament cites. I have always been impressed with the excellent camera work that you all demonstrate in producing the videos. Black and Blue does a very good job of offering an equitable balance of forms, fighting, and weapons competition in its tournament coverage. Keep up the good work for all of us martial arts fans.


Cathy Andreozzi from RI: Love your site - and your videos (have lots of them).
Daniel Timberlake from ME: I think the videos here are awesome

Michael Elmore from TX: Your site has been a asset in the progression of the martial arts. Thank you so much for your time, energies, and dedication to sport karate.

Lauren Kearney from FL: Your new website is great! It has all the information I need relating to tournaments, DVDs and other great information. The new photo section from the NASKA events is awesome.

Emmanuel A.K.A "Manny" Brown from FL: Black N Blue videos are by far the best instructional videos in the country, without a doubt.

Rommel Gargoles from NJ: Your company makes the best videos out on the Market.

James Ainsworth from MO: This site has become a great interest of mine. Keep up the good work..


Sean Dumlao from CA: Utilizing Black N Blue Products has only heightened my competition abilities to the next level. I recommend all Black N Blue

Products to all those who want to get better in sport karate tournaments accross the country !!
Holly House from Penn.: Awesome page, I Love your videos and order at least 3 a year and I also buy them at NASKA tournaments and have noticed that they have helped me incredibly in the past few months! Thank you to you and the people who make the videos such as Jon, Casey, Mike, Butch and Jimmy!! Thanx again for helping me so much!!I

Travis Roberts from MD.: I have brought your products before, at tournaments ,ordered and asked for when my birthday comes around. Your products are absolutly the best on the market. They are jammed pack with exciting information and the best martial artist from around the world. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the great products.

Christopher Doyle from Canada: I feel that Black And Blue Productions have increased the quality of the martial arts on a competition and demonstration level. I feel that some of the advanced "Magic" moves of the past are now being taught at a much younger age because of B&B Productions and it will lead to a new generation of awesome martial artists.

Matthew Cho from CA: I just want to say that I love these videos and that they make me want to train for hours and hours.

Danny O'Neil from ID: This is the greatest website for kicking off your dreams...thanks black and blue for the edge in training.

Matt Orsini from PA: Black and Blue video has the best martial arts videos.

Ken Rowland from UT: I love you guys I have improved my techniques. I recommend you guys to everyone. If it were not for you I would not be as good as I am.
Thomas Dargle from Ireland: the best site ever!!!

Nick Schneider from MN: You guys have the best martial arts videos around. Peace

Trin Sallette from FL on: What a resource your site is. Thank You!
John Hubler from Penn.: Wow, a place where I can actually buy videos from all of my favorite martial arts role models. I already have this site bookmarked, and check back all of the time to see of any updates of more videos you have to offer. Keep up the great work!

Barbara Wyatt from OH: Wonderful site to browse.

Torrance McClellan from IN: Great website. Keep up the awesome work!

Glenn Maziar from CA: Excellent site!

Chris Bannick from MI: I really enjoy shopping on your site, and have also purchased a few things. I have called your 800 number and was impressed with the customer service I received, on halloween night even. Looking forward to recieving my order. Keep up the good work on the web site and catalog selection.

Reggie Levesque from ME on 12/04/00: your videos are awesome
Arnold Emerson from MS: This is the best martial arts site I have seen in my six years online.

Elizabeth Morse from CT: this is a great site.

Jon Waddle from USA: Dear Mr. Faulkner and Mr. Barden, Thank you once again for your help with gaining a better understanding of one of your products, as always I am extremely pleased with your quick response to the
e-mail I sent you. I will look forward to doing business with you in the future and recommending your company to all of my fellow martial artists. You gentlemen make my competition career so much easier with your videos and customer service. You are top notch. Thank You, Jon Waddle.

Darren Doud from FL: The videos I bought from BNB are awesome. Good quality and easy to watch and learn from. Looking forward to buying more from you.

Joy Quinto from CA: Love your products.. especially your speed chucks.. i have a pair and they are great.

Edward Mercer from FL: Since I have been purchasing videos from BnBP my motivation have increased dramatically. David Douglas, Anthony Atkins, Daniel Sterling, Jimmy Pham all demonstrate some of the most outrageous kicking techniques used today! One glimpse of them and it will have you pumped up and ready to take it to the next level! A goal is just a dream with a deadline! Thanks Black n Blue!

Timothy Doyle from PA: I just bought chux from u and i love them they are some much fun to us. I bought them from u at washington dc

Donny Frost from MA: I love BNB Video. U guys do a great job filming and have a awesome web site !!

Thierry Lalande from France: thanks for all this videos,my dream become true with it,never stop doing such good videos..........french kiss

Mario Worzfeld from Germany: Greetings to the Black & Blue Video Team. Thank you for the great videos. I am a european forms champion. Thank you.

Daniel Mattison from AZ: I love the video's you guys put out. Particulary the David Douglas, Mike Chat, and the tournament videos. Keep making great videos.

Miguel Abihassan from FL: Great Site, Kick butt videos. Your staff is incredibly friendly too.


Morten Jorgensen from Demark: Cool Site.. Keep up the good work.

Michelle Ates from OH: Great Site...Great Videos!

JR Vista from CA: I love the videos cause they rock

Michael Richmond from KY: I just wanted to say thank you,the videos are the best i have many of them
and love them all.

Frankie Patillo from GA: YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!

Sean Ledig from FL: I like this site. Judging by the variety of videos and products you have here, it seems you have a very open-minded view of the arts.

Peter Peck from NY: Loved the last set of videos, We're forming another new demo team and love to pick up fighting techs from the fighting series

Robbie Lavoie from Canada: Hey this is a tight site

Chris Tanaka from CA: I really enjoy the martial arts and I appreciate sites like this where I can get the things I need and see what I want to see. This is the only place I have been able to find the chucks that I need.

Amadu Kabia from NY: Awesome site, awesome company. Walter is an awesome guy, Black and Blue rocks.
Mark Sinning from PA: Great web site! Looking forward to doing much of my holiday shopping here!

Brian Mayr from MN: Great site guys. Wally, awesome video productions, and Lee, you are one of the best ever with a pair of chucks.

Brandon Anthony from TN: This site rocks, and I love your tapes!

Christopher Bellman from AZ: I never thought i needed tapes to improve my form and i thought if i did need help, i would never be able to preform what the people on the tapes were teaching. but u guys proved me wrong...thanx

Houston Poyner from FL: I just wanted to say I've had met Daniel Sterling and David Douglas you guys are awsome I would die to train with the two of you. With this web site I can buy your tapes and train on your kicks and ideas. Thanks two guys Rock

Michael Bley from NJ: I really like your website. Its easy to find what your looking for.

Joel Otero from NY: Black And Blue Videos R THE BOMB

Ronald Matthews II from CA: I have 7 of you tapes and I watch them constantly. I love blacknblue videos.

Nicholas Zawerucha from NY:I feel that this is a truly good web site. There are many other sites on the web that offer martial Arts videos, but none of them have the same selection or Prices as this one.

Oliver Jürgensen from Germany: I really enjoyed this web-site with all these offers and informations. Keep going !!!

Jason Hanken from FL.: Your site is really great, and I like the way it was designed and the layout.

Thomas Mitchell from Mass.: Cool site, lots of information for the tapes. Good job.

Karen O'Dell from MI.: This is a great site


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